HUNTER  - Prime USA Records/M.R.E. Entertainment

Artist press release 

Hunter got my mouth
New Single Call " To Wish Upon A Star "
Release Date Feb 15, 2019 on
M.R.E. Entertainment / InGrooves/Universal Records

" Lock Me Up Into Your Heart"
release on MRE Entertainment/InGrooves
and new single CD "Roach Attack" 

Hunter Pop/R&B music, Performed,Composed & Produced        
Hunter at Music Hunt Studios, west coast of United States.
 He sings and play all instruments on his CD's also Bass, Guitars, Back ground vocals & Keyboards/Co-written with 
 Rey T. on "Pour The Wine" "Tease" "I Know A Secret" &      
"Round & Round" On "I'm The Only One "CD's by 
Special Request featuring Rey T".  He also produces G . 
Hunter  Jazz CD  "In The Mix" & LaRay "I'm Ready Now"    

J U   
(a.k.a) Mark (Spark) Hunter with Special Request Universal Music Group.

Click here  to see Hunter & Special Request featuring Rey T. live  show.
One Headlight     Ding O Ling Video  Also video                                   Same Old Bull   

"Pour The Wine" Special Request Featuring Rey T.

Concert with Special Request in California performing for 15,000 fans and the city Mayor this year.

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